Invasive Milfoil Takes Hold In Three More New Hampshire Locations

Aug 3, 2015

Credit Flikr Creative Commons / clrlakesand

  State environmental officials are dealing with three new infestations of milfoil.

The invasive species has been identified in Pine Island Pond in Manchester, Oxbow Pond in Canterbury, and Turee Pond in Bow.

Amy Smagula of the Department of Environmental Services says the infestation in Turee Pond may have roots in Turkey Pond in Concord.

“I think what’s happening is, a lot of folks are fishing in Turkey and then hoping over to Turee in Bow and bringing fragments in and infesting Turee Pond,” Smagula says. “Unfortunately no one was watching for milfoil on Turee Pond, so we have about 35 acres at this point that went unnoticed until just this summer.”

Smagula says officials will probably have to use herbicides to shrink the infestation before other control methods can be used.