It's Mud-ish Season Out There

May 5, 2017

Mud does not respect German automobiles any more or less than other makes.
Credit Kellan

A wetter than average April, combined with a snowier than average winter, has produced no shortage of New England’s least marketable terrain - mud.

We at NHPR were curious if well-learned meteorologists, the men and women who watch the weather more closely than any of us, would still technically consider this Mud Season, even though we are already firmly into May.

Turns out, nope.

“I believe it is the melting snow and the frost coming out of the ground that causes mud season,” explains Tom Hawley with the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine.

The snow finished its dreary melt nearly a month ago (at lower elevations), and so the shoe-snaring surfaces that only a dog could love out there right now are not what Mr. Hawley would consider true Mud Season.

Instead, it’s just, you know, mud.

“A lot of rain, it will be muddy,” says Hawley.

The best technical language to describe what we are experience right now in New Hampshire is, according to Hawley, a ‘wet period.’

And the long-term forecast on his screen right now suggests at least a week or so more of damp, cool weather.

More mud, more wet. Call it whatever you want.