Ivanka Trump Pitches Father's Campaign in N.H. Days Before the Election

Nov 4, 2016

Ivanka Trump campaigned across Southern New Hampshire Thursday for her father with stops in Manchester, Hollis and Nashua. 

To start off the day Ivanka Trump met with students at The Founders Academy in Manchester. There she took photos with the charter school’s students, signed some “Make America Great Again” hats and even tested out the school’s microscopes.

Ivanka Trump checked out the root of an onion during her tour of The Founders Academy in Manchester.
Credit Valentina Tabatchikova for NHPR

Then she was off to a town hall event in Hollis where she touted her father’s proposals to create jobs, reform the tax code and take care of the country’s veterans. She also touched on New Hampshire’s opioid epidemic. 

“The painkiller epidemic is an enormous problem as well. With the medication being too easily available and yet for some who really need it, not readily enough, so the system is really broken.”

 But when it came to the details she referred the packed crowd to her father’s campaign website. An issue Ivanka did talk at length about though was affordable child care, but stressed that this problem is not just a women's issue. 

Ivanka Trump's brother Eric also campaigned for their father in N.H. but last week.
Credit Valentina Tabatchikova for NHPR

“I mean what are women’s issues?Women’s issues are jobs, women’s issues are security, women’s issues are the major issues affecting this country and those are the issues my dad talks about with such frequency," Ivanka said, as the crowd waved "Women for Trump" signs in the air.

Donald Trump has been criticized for his treatment of women after a 2005 Access Hollywood video showed him bragging about groping women. 

To end the day Ivanka Trump stopped by Nashua’s campaign office where she posed for photos and signed some more memorabilia. Donald Trump plans to be at the Atkinson Country Club on Friday and on Monday in Manchester for his last rally before the election.