Judge: Controversial Signs In Manchester Must Go

Aug 10, 2017

Just two of the images on display on one of Gill's signs

A judge this week ordered a Manchester business owner to remove controversial signs from his electronic billboard, saying the messages can only pertain to his mortgage business.

The businessman, Michael Gill, is appealing - saying the order violates his constitutional rights.

Drive along South Willow Street near Interstate 93 in Manchester and it’s hard to miss the flashing electronic signs above Michael Gill’s mortgage business.

The signs have accused local politicians of dealing drugs and called a city lawyer a murderer. Most of the people attacked in Gill’s messages are suing him for defamation.

But Gill stands by these accusations and says it’s his right to make them in public.

Michael Gill, owner of Mortgage Specialists Inc
Credit Courtesy of YouTube

“Understand the danger when you infringe on freedom of speech – think about the legal precedents that she [the judge] could be setting," Gill told NHPR in a phone interview.

A Superior Court judge on Tuesday ruled in favor of the owner of the building where Gill runs his business, who wanted the signs pulled. The judge stated the controversial signs violated the building’s sale agreement.

While he appeals, Gill says he will keep the signs posted.