Kasich Calls For Syrian No-Fly Zone, Sanctuaries

Oct 2, 2015

Ohio Governor John Kasich speaks in Stratham, September 12, 2015.
Credit Brady Carlson / NHPR

Speaking at an Odd Fellows hall in Goffstown, Ohio Governor John Kasich said the sanctuaries would provide relief to people fleeing violence and the no-fly zones would send a powerful message across the Middle East. But the GOP presidential candidate said the US must be willing to ensure both will be honored.

And look, if in fact, the sanctuaries get violated,  then I think we have to coalition and puts boots on the ground. I don’t think we should be fighting a civil war in Syria, but I think there are some things we could do.  

Kasich says the US made a mistake by not taking further steps to help Syrian rebels years ago. He also says Russia, which started airstrikes in the Syria this week, is only there to prop up the Assad regime, which Kasich says must go.