The Last Word In Business

Originally published on February 1, 2013 1:09 pm



And now to Google, which is looking for some hackers to ride to the top in an unusual competition. Our last word in business is: pi contest, as in 3.14.


Three point one four, that's the amount in millions of dollars that Google is offering in what its Podium Hacking Contest. The challenge here is to hack the Google Chrome operating system and expose security flaws.

Travis McCoy is the product manager for Chrome and we asked him why pi.

TRAVIS MCCOY: Well when we started podium, we offered $1 million prize and then at podium two, we raised it to $2 million. This time around we kind of wanted to up the ante again and we happen to love nerdy numbers at Google, so we thought that pi million dollars or $3.141 million was a perfect fit.

MONTAGNE: If you find the hole, you can get a piece of that pi. Aah.

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