With Lean Growing Season, Strawberry Festival To Continue

Jun 22, 2013

The annual Hollis Strawberry Festival will be held Sunday afternoon. Sponsored by the Hollis Woman’s Club and Town Band, the festival is in its sixth decade.

But this season is proving to be a challenge for berry growers.

Together, Lull and Brookford farms typically provide the festival with 336 quarts of strawberries.

But Brookford Farm co-owner Eleanor Whittemore says the cold winter and rainy spring means strawberries are more likely to rot.

“This summer has been a little difficult, in that we started out with a very dry period. We had irrigation for that, but now since the berries have ripened, we’ve had quite a lot of rain and that is a concern in order to keep the berries picked as they should be picked, and in the condition they should be in.”

Hollis Woman’s Club President Noreen Polus says she doesn’t expect the difficult growing season to affect the festival.