Lengthening The Legacy Of Libraries

Aug 19, 2013

For millennia, libraries have been the holding pen of the written word, where people came to read, study and research but a new digital age has brought new challenges to libraries, with some suggesting they’ve lost their relevancy. But athenaeums are answering back with electronic ideas of their own along with a re-shifting in what their role in the community could be. We'll look at libraries today and how they're adapting to the times.


  • Michael York - New Hampshire State Librarian
  • Lori Fisher - Director of the Baker Free Library in Bow, New Hampshire and Past-President of the New Hampshire Library Association.

We'll Also hear from:

  • Carolyn Anthony - President of the Public Library Association, a division of the American Library Association and Director of the Skokie Public Library in Skokie, Illinois.