Lieberman And Huntsman Return To N.H. To Talk Government Reform

Sep 17, 2015

Former Utah Governor Jon Hunstman and Sen. Joe Lieberman
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Two former presidential hopefuls are returning to New Hampshire to urge the current crop of candidates to bridge the divide between Republicans and Democrats and embrace government reform.

Former Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman are now co-chairmen of No-Labels, a bipartisan group whose agenda includes job creation, a balanced federal budget, securing Medicare and Social Security and energy independence. They're meeting with supporters and the media on Thursday ahead of a "Problem-Solver Convention" they'll host for undeclared voters in Manchester next month.

As presidential candidates, both Lieberman and Huntsman skipped the Iowa caucuses and focused on the New Hampshire primary. Lieberman finished fifth in the 2004 Democratic primary. Huntsman finished third in the 2012 GOP primary.