Managed Medicaid Delay Proves Costly

The Health and Human Services Commissioner expects the state’s new Medicaid program to begin in December.

That’s 5 months later than planned.

The state had planned on launching its new Medicaid program on July 1st.

It will cost the Department a little more than $1 million dollars a month until the new system is in place.

But Health and Human Services Commissioner Nick Toumpas says he’s optimistic the new program will lead to long-term improvements, like changing the way health providers are paid.

“It’s exciting what the potential and what the opportunities are in that particular area for the long term.”

Toumpas says there are “a ton of things” that need to get done for the agency to begin by December.

That includes upgrades to computer systems, getting the three managed care companies up-to-speed and working with the federal government.

Toumpas says cuts to other HHS programs will have to make up for any delays.