Manchester Coping With Major Outages

Oct 31, 2011

Nearly two days after an unseasonable snow storm, much of the Queen City remains without power.

PSNH estimates that around 31,000 of its customers in Manchester still don’t have electricity.

The difficulty in getting back power to the city comes from the fact that repair crews must work block by block to remove fallen tree limbs and other debris from the power lines.

City officials established a shelter at Memorial High School for those that were worst hit by the storm.

District Fire Chief Al Poulin says that the shelter will remain as long as necessary for those worst hit by the outages:

"Right now we have around 40 people in the shelter at 2:00 in the afternoon and we’re expecting many more tonight due to the lack of power being turned on.”

City officials closed schools across the city Monday and postponed Halloween trick or treating to November 6th.

For NHPR news, I’m Jonathan Lynch.