Manchester Police Seek To Reduce Robberies By Training Store Workers

Oct 23, 2014

Officer Paul Rondeau speaking to a group of store workers. Another training session will take place at the police station on October 30th at 6 p.m.
Credit Ryan Lessard / NHPR

  With robberies in Manchester on the rise in recent years, police are now training convenience store workers on how to prevent robberies and what to do when one occurs.

Crime Prevention Officer Paul Rondeau told store clerks today that real life robberies are nothing like the movies. Hey says they’re typically brief and those robbing the stores are often desperate addicts.

“During a robbery, you and the robber have something in common: you both want to the ordeal to be over as quickly as possible and without anybody getting hurt. If you can make that happen for him, he will make that happen for you.”

Rondeau cautioned against workers fighting back, saying this introduces enormous personal risk for a small amount of money.

The department held a similar training session, this spring. The seminar includes tips for preventing robberies such as using video cameras, and engaging all customers as they enter.

There have been 173 robberies in Manchester this year, numbers actually on track to be lower than last year’s. There were 204 robberies through September last year.

Part 1 crime statistics for Manchester in 2014 so far.
Credit Courtesy of MPD