Manchester Taxis Grounded Pending Repairs

Apr 2, 2013

The Manchester City Clerk’s office suspended the licenses of all 18 of its city taxis Tuesday following a day of inspections.

All Manchester taxis have been taken off the road after collectively failing their annual inspections, according to the Manchester Police Department.

Kevin Kincaid is the business licensing coordinator at the city clerk’s office. He says there are two companies licensed to operate taxis in the city.

“I spoke with both managers for both companies and they’re doing repairs as we speak. They actually called me this afternoon about one vehicle that they want to be re-inspected and I told them I’m not going to be able to do that until tomorrow. So they’re aggressively addressing these problems as quickly as they can.”

Kincaid says one company voluntarily surrendered his taxi licenses after half of the inspections failed so that he could expedite repairs. One taxi had its license revoked because it failed to appear for inspection. Six of the taxis were in such bad shape, they had to be towed from the garage.