Marketplace Navigator: Experience Without Health Insurance Drew Me To Job

Oct 1, 2013

Open enrollment began today for the New Hampshire health insurance marketplace.

Jaime Chabot, left, and Mariann White, right, are marketplace navigators for Planned Parent of Northern New England. They will be working directly with patients to help them enroll.
Credit NHPR / Michael Brindley

As a marketplace navigator for Planned Parenthood in Manchester, Jaime Chabot will work directly with uninsured people to help find the plan that works for them.

It was her own experience without health insurance that drew her to the job.

“Between my experience without it and my friends and people I’m close to having a hard time with their insurance, you definitely see the impact it can have on their lives and the choices they can make.”

Planned Parenthood is one of two nonprofit organizations receiving federal funding to serve as navigators for New Hampshire; Bi-State Primary Care Association is the other.

Within the next week, a statewide outreach campaign will be launched to help get word out.

Organizations ranging from the Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire to the North Country Health Consortium will receive grants to help residents and small business owners with enrollment.

New London Hospital President and CEO Bruce King says now is the time for people to start learning about their options.

“But don’t rush to make a decision. This is just the beginning of being able to understand the different products and the different offerings.”

Those who are eligible must enroll by December 15 to have their coverage start on January first.