Meet The Artist Who Was Commissioned To Watch 456 Episodes Of 'Law & Order'

Feb 19, 2014

Credit The Perps Worst Nightmare via flickr Creative Commons

In an effort to explore our cultural relationship with computer technology, artist Jeff Thompson watched 20 years worth of Law & Order – a total of 456 episodes – and documented when computers were used and how.  The project was commissioned by the arts and technology organization Rhizome.

What about you? Do you have a favorite Law & Order series? SVU? Criminal Intent? LA? Trial by Jury? What about a preferred detective duo? (Stabler and Benson forever! Ahem).  We're not expecting you to master the same feat of watching 20 years worth of episodes in just 1 1/2, but take a moment to look back at your all-time favorites. Share on the Word of Mouth Twitter and Facebook pages or comment below! Doink-doink.

Listen to Jeff Thompson's ins and outs of completing a 456 episode Law & Order binge.