Word of Mouth
1:29 pm
Wed February 19, 2014

Meet The Artist Who Was Commissioned To Watch 456 Episodes Of 'Law & Order'

Credit The Perps Worst Nightmare via flickr Creative Commons

In an effort to explore our cultural relationship with computer technology, artist Jeff Thompson watched 20 years worth of Law & Order – a total of 456 episodes – and documented when computers were used and how.  The project was commissioned by the arts and technology organization Rhizome.

What about you? Do you have a favorite Law & Order series? SVU? Criminal Intent? LA? Trial by Jury? What about a preferred detective duo? (Stabler and Benson forever! Ahem).  We're not expecting you to master the same feat of watching 20 years worth of episodes in just 1 1/2, but take a moment to look back at your all-time favorites. Share on the Word of Mouth Twitter and Facebook pages or comment below! Doink-doink.

Listen to Jeff Thompson's ins and outs of completing a 456 episode Law & Order binge.

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