Memorial Day Kicks Off Tourism Season

May 25, 2012

This Memorial Day weekend, the New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism predicts more than half a million visitors will flock to the state.  That’s an increase of two-percent over last year.

The N.H. Division of Travel and Tourism has a new TV marketing campaign that hopes to lure vacationers to the Granite State, beginning this Memorial Day weekend.

One of the state’s big events this weekend is the annual craft festival in Meredith.

Local photographer Rick Libbey plans to set up shop at the crafts festival for the sixth- year in a row.  His hopes for the tourist season are high.

“I’m seeing that they’re spending.   I’ve done work within my company to structure my prices for a sluggish economy.  I’ve had to get my cost of goods down, get my prices down.  When people see a nice piece of art at an aggressive bargain price, they’re gonna get it. You kinda need to think smart, play smart, and by all means have a smile on your face, y'know?

The state’s tourism agency predicts that visitors will spend $86 million in the New Hampshire this weekend— that’s an increase of five percent from last year.