Mixed Data on Housing Market

Mar 7, 2012

New data from the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority paints a mixed picture of the State’s housing market. 

288 New Hampshire homes slipped into foreclosure in January. That’s a 22-percent decrease from the prior month, but still well above pre-recession levels.

“It is not a case of 'bam', we wake up one morning and the foreclosure issue is gone,” said Jane Law with NH Housing. She said the market is showing signs of a slow recovery. 

The high number of vacant homes continues to hurt home values. January data shows prices off 4-percent from January, 2011.

“The foreclosed properties out on the market have been a drag on the real estate market for several years now,” said Law. "Until those homes start to move--or the rate of new foreclosures sharply drops--prices are expected to stay low."