More New Hampshire Families Will Get Help Paying Fuel Bill

Dec 21, 2011

More families in New Hampshire can now get help with their fuel bill this winter.

Congress increased funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, this week.

New Hampshire will receive a total of $26 million, rather than the $14.7 million dollars originally allotted.

That original appropriation forced Community Action Agencies to target the money to families of four earning less than $28,000.

Other low-income households were placed on a waiting list.

Joanne Morin, Director of the Office of Energy and Planning, says this should remove those families from the waiting list. “We’re very relieved that some additional money was authorized," said Morin. 

Morin points out that LIHEAP funding is still nine million dollars less than last year, but she’s hoping the program can serve the 45,000 families who need it.