Morning Shots: Angelina's Daughter, 'Wolf Hall,' Ray Bradbury, And Chevy Chase

Aug 23, 2012

Mike Birbiglia talks, along with some other people (Carol Kane!) about comedy and his new film, Sleepwalk With Me. [The A.V. Club]

It seems that just about every canceled series has to go through a "maybe someone will pick it up!" phase, and AMC's The Killing is going through it right now. Maybe Netflix! Maybe DirecTV! But statistically speaking, probably not. [Deadline]

Jason Zinoman in The New York Times has a nice remembrance of Phyllis Diller, whom he calls "underappreciated." [NYT]

In "getting started early" news, Angelina Jolie will be bringing her four-year-old daughter Vivienne to her next film, Maleficent, in which little Viv will have a small role. [The Guardian]

The BBC is adapting Hilary Mantel's prize-winning novel Wolf Hall. It's not actually about wolves, just so you know. (Spoiler alert.) [Telegraph]

Ray Bradbury continues to be not at all forgotten: NASA has named Curiosity's landing site "Bradbury Landing." [The Guardian]

I like a silly show as much as the next person – usually more than the next person. But I am 100 percent in agreement with this scathing piece by Tim Goodman about the fact that there's nothing all that funny about the attitude behind Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, which I admit I have seen only smidgens of, but which has somehow become the buzzy guilty "pleasure" of the summer. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Community creator Dan Harmon did an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit yesterday, which yielded, among other things, a story about Chevy Chase, to the shock of no one. [The A.V. Club]

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