Morning Shots: Anthony Bourdain Live-Tweets 'iCarly,' And Your Day Is Complete

Jan 3, 2013

Maybe the greatest completely random thing that has happened online recently: Anthony Bourdain gets bored and live-tweets iCarly. [DailyDot]

Author Nathan Englander reads the short story "The Story Of My Dovecote." This is the kind of thing the internet should bring you much more often than it does. [The Guardian]

If it slipped by you yesterday, check out Andrew Sullivan's explanation of why he's leaving The Daily Beast and going independent, hoping to be supported by subscriptions directly from readers. [The Daily Beast/The Dish]

And speaking of Sullivan, it was through The Dish that I made my way to a piece about "reading weird books in public." [3 Quarks Daily]

Official Friend Of Monkey See Alan Sepinwall has been enjoying quite a ride with his fine self-published book The Revolution Was Televised, and yesterday, a traditional publisher picked it up. [The New York Times]

Helpful, from The A.V. Club's Nathan Rabin: a Kanye West primer. [The A.V. Club]

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