Morning Shots: 'Mad Men,' Book Therapy, And Lauren Conrad Slices Up A Book

Aug 17, 2012
Originally published on August 17, 2012 10:41 am

This video of The Hills star Lauren Conrad cheerfully slicing up what she refers to as a "vintage book" or a "slightly used book" might not be "the worst craft idea ever," but it's pretty bad — and sort of hilariously, blithely ignorant of how angry it will make people. [Buzzfeed]

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner and writer Maria Jacquemetton talk about the show's most recent season, nailing the "Beauty And The Beast" vibe they see between Megan and Don, and lots more. [Deadline]

This Netflix feature that lets you jump to the next episode during the end credits of the last episode is going to make my Bridezillas marathons go even faster! (I'm kidding. Not Bridezillas, not really.) [Mashable]

Here's an idea for therapy you might not have heard of: treat your emotional issues with books. [Big Think]

Two New York Times pieces on live performances: one that blames Hollywood for the problems facing opera, and a very charming and funny one looking at nudity in dance performances.

Nick Hornby talks about the cultural impact of his book Fever Pitch, which was published 20 years ago — and which was a Colin Firth movie before it was a Jimmy Fallon movie about the Red Sox, in case you're not aware. [The Telegraph]

Did you think we were at the end of the current round of carriage disputes with cable companies? Think again. [Deadline]

Why are a lot of the quotations we've grabbed from culture actually misquotations? [The Atlantic]

And finally: This isn't really pop culture, but it's Friday, and I saw it in my feed, and this picture of little cakes baked inside oranges is the smiley-est thing I suspect I'm going to see today. [Lifehacker]

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