Morning Shots: The New Q, The Departing Steven Tyler, And Fleetwood Mac

Jul 13, 2012

There are lots of Breaking Bad interviews floating around as we approach this weekend's season premiere, but it's always nice to hear Aaron Paul talk at length. [The A.V. Club]

Remember when we talked about how the finale song from American Idol winner Phillip Phillips was actually a pretty good song? It has done well! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Chris Klimek (who has written here at Monkey See a couple of times) has an intriguing look at Mike Daisey, who is still performing a version of the monologue about Apple that got him in a massive amount of trouble a few months ago. [Washington City Paper]

Just a neat thing: movie illustrations in the style of Ottoman miniatures. [Slate]

It's harder to donate or sell antiquities than it used to be, owing to new guidelines that are designed to make sure they're not looted. "Objects are guilty until proven innocent," says one dealer. Interesting story. [The New York Times]

You've probably already heard that Steven Tyler is leaving American Idol. If, that is, it means anything to you. [USA Today]

The good thing about an upcoming Fleetwood Mac reunion is that it means that any party you might have is not going to be the most potentially awkward get-together of the year. [The Guardian]

We can't actually show you the trailer for Skyfall (the next Bond movie) that played at Comic Con, but Slashfilm has a description of it, at least. Ben Whishaw as Q! [Slashfilm]

The book industry continues to be at war with itself. [Publishers Weekly]

And finally: Ben Brantley of The New York Times talks about how he rediscovered the Greek chorus in London. [The New York Times]

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