Morning Shots: Tyra Explains The Revamped 'Top Model' To The Inexplicably Curious

Aug 24, 2012

Dying to know what's going to be different on this "cycle" (it's what they say instead of "season," for reasons unknown) of America's Next Top Model? You'll be glad to know that Tyra Explains It All. [The Hollywood Reporter]

What does a screen adaptation of August: Osage County need when it already has Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep? Why, Benedict Cumberbatch, obviously. [The Hollywood Reporter]

From the Edinburgh International Book Festival, a piece in The Guardian about East Asian writers and their contributions to the future of fiction. [The Guardian]

Sad news: old-school Muppeteer Jerry Nelson has passed away. Slashfilm has a nice remembrance. [Slashfilm]

Interesting. Suburgatory, a somewhat low-profile but quite good sitcom that hasn't quite hit yet, has cast Tessa's mother. From what I've seen with this particular actress, some will be pro, some will be con. [TVLine]

And finally, a story I really, truly thought had to be fake when I first saw it, but which is apparently not. Discovery has reportedly ordered six episodes of a show called I Was Impaled for its Discovery Fit & Health Channel. I'm still waiting to see whether this is some kind of rogue intern prank. [Chicago Tribune]

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