Morning Shots: What Happens At Comic Con Really Does Often Stay At Comic Con

Jul 16, 2012

A fine piece asks the fine question of why broadcast networks seem to have completely abandoned the idea of shows about black families. [The Washington Post]

You may not agree with the occasional injections of politics, but David A. Bell's piece in The New Republic asks some important questions about the future of libraries. [The New Republic]

It seems like The A.V. Club launches a new feature about every 28 seconds, but I still like the old ones the best, including Commentary Tracks Of The Damned, where this week, Noel Murray takes on the DVD of This Means War. [The A.V. Club]

I sort of can't bear to think about small movie theaters closing as a result of the move to digital, but you should probably read up and brace yourself. [The CBC]

My favorite part of this terrific discussion of one of the crucial sequences on last night's Breaking Bad (contains information about last night's Breaking Bad, obviously) is the part where creator Vince Gilligan suggests maybe the Mythbusters could test it. [The New York Times]

Would you have the nerve to cut off a duet between Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney? Somebody did. [The Guardian]

Also from The GuardianDaniel Radcliffe is reportedly setting up for the movie adaptation of Horns, a very creepy book by Joe Hill. [The Guardian]

I like How I Met Your Mother quite a lot, even now as it's fallen somewhat out of critical favor, but I'm not sure the possible addition of a ninth season — and anoooooother season of not meeting the mother (since I am convinced we will meet her in the series finale) — is at all healthy. [Variety]

Whenever you read something coming out of Comic Con where somebody says, in essence, "Hey, I'd love to do that project! I've mentioned that to some people!", remember that that isn't particularly close to a project coming to fruition. Take, for example, the idea of a Sons Of Anarchy prequel. [Deadline]

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