Morning Shots: Yes, There Just Might Be A 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV Show

Aug 29, 2012

Yesterday brought the rare piece of television production news that actually surprises and intrigues me: Eddie Murphy and producer Shawn Ryan are reportedly shopping around a TV adaptation of Beverly Hills Cop featuring Axel Foley's son — with Axel showing up here and there. [Vulture]

But wait! There was more. According to Deadline, ABC has ordered a live-action pilot from Joss Whedon based on S.H.I.E.L.D., the Marvel crimefighting organization. That sounds pretty good, too. [Deadline]

Also from the world of the cape and cowl, it's just a rumor for the moment, but will the next live-action Batman perhaps first appear in the Justice League movie? [Slashfilm]

You may remember "Carmageddon," in which Los Angeles road construction was rather distastefully compared to an actual disaster. Now, with another round looming in late September, L.A. arts organizations are looking to capitalize. [L.A. Times]

Shakespeare flashmobs: threat or menace? [The Guardian]

I love this story a little bit: a British parliamentary committee thinks maybe the Queen is giving too many knight and dame titles to actors and not enough to ... you know, actual people in the community. [The Hollywood Reporter]

And finally: Reasons to think the Paralympics may be more interesting than the Olympics abound, but how about opening narration from Ian McKellen and Stephen Hawking? [The Guardian]

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