Most North Country Reps Supported Lynch Veto Of Right To Work

Dec 3, 2011

The majority of representatives from Northern Grafton and Coos County – including four Republicans - voted to support Gov. Lynch’s veto of  a Right-to-Work law last week.

As reporter Dan Gorenstein said supporters of the bill that would ban unions from collecting negotiating fees from non-union employees needed a 2/3rds majority to overturn Lynch’s veto (

They didn’t get it.

Only 240 of the 379 reps voted to overturn Lynch’s veto. That fell short of the 2/3rds needed.

Fourteen reps from the North Country participated and nine of them voted to uphold Lynch’s veto.

Here’s how it broke out:

Of the nine Republicans five voted to overturn Lynch’s veto. They were Lyle Bulis; Duffy Daughterty; Edmond Gionet; Larry Rappaport and Gregory Sorg.

Four other Republicans voted to uphold Lynch’s veto. They were Bill Remick; Herbert Richardson; John Tholl and Marc Tremblay.

Of the five Democrats who voted all voted to uphold Lynch’s veto. They were Gary Coulombe; Robert Theberge; Yvonne Thomas; Evalyn Merrick and William Hatch.

Two other North Country reps were excused from voting. They were Kathleen Taylor, a Democrat from Franconia, and Stephanie Eaton, a Republican from Littleton.

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