Mulling Over Medicaid Expansion

Aug 13, 2013

At the end of the legislative season, New Hampshire lawmakers decided to spend the summer studying whether the Granite State should accept or reject federal funds to extend Medicaid to more residents.  A special committee has held weekly sessions on this, with a deadline of mid-October.  We’ll find out what they’re looking at and what they may decide. 


  • Charlie Arlinghaus - President of the Josiah Bartlett center for public policy, a free-market think tank based in Concord. He is a member of the Commission to Study the Expansion of Medicaid.
  • Tom Bunnell - Policy consultant for NH Voices for Health. 
  • Neal Kurk - Republican Representative for Hillsborough. He is a member Medicaid Commission.
  • Peggy Gilmour -Democratic Senator from Hollis. She is also on the Medicaid Commission.