Nashua Chamber Poll Finds Northern Pass Gaining Support

Mar 24, 2014

A new  survey, conducted on behalf of the Nashua Chamber of Commerce, found growing support for the controversial Northern Pass project.

The poll, taken last month  by the UNH Survey Center for the Nashua Chamber, which backs Northern Pass,  showed 46 percent favor the proposal and 35 percent oppose  it.

The survey also found limited enthusiasm for requiring the burial of all Northern Pass Transmission lines.

Chris Williams is the Nashua Chamber's President.

"Only 28 percent of residents now favor burying the entire northern pass line, and only 19 percent favor burial if the additional cost was shifted onto their bills."

Backing for Northern Pass was stronger among residents of Hillsborough country and weak among people who live in the North Country and Lakes Region.

The poll reached 519 adults by landline and cell phone. It was taken  between February 11th and Feb 19th has a 4.3 percent margin of error.