New Hampshire's Immigration Story: Culture Clashes

May 23, 2012

Every group that has arrived here has experienced some conflict – whether between newcomers and long-time residents…or, within new immigrant groups themselves.  As part of our series on New Hampshire’s Immigration Story, we’ll look at what difficulties tend to come up, again and again – also, how different people draw the lines between assimilation and maintaining their culture. 



Salaam Odeh works as a medical and legal interpreter and translator throughout New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. She is a community activist and recently served as a State Commissioner on the Status of Women. She was born and raised in Jordan as a Palestinian refugee.

Captain Richard Reilly is in charge of the Manchester Police Department's Community Policing Division, which, among its many duties, is responsible for helping refugee and immigrant families learn how to interact with the city's police force.

Stuart Wallace is a New Hampshire historian and professor at the New Hampshire Technical Institute in Concord.

We'll also hear from:

Amadou Hamady, coordinator of the Refugee School Impact Program administered by the International Institute of New Hampshire and a social worker in the Manchester school system.