New State Rules: Beer And Other Legal Inebriants Okay On Vanity Plates

Jan 16, 2015


The state’s new rules on vanity license plates now allow for words referring to beer and other legal inebriants.

Seacoast Online reports the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules approved a new set of rules on license plates Friday.

Draft rules released last May included a ban on references to “intoxicants, drugs, or drug culture.” David Adams, who runs a craft brewery tour bus called Granite State Growler Tours, says his application for “NHBEER” and other beer-themed vanity plates were rejected, and that he might have to surrender an existing “BEERBUS” vanity plate as well.

Credit David Adams

Adams had vowed to challenge those rules in court, but the Department of Safety modified the proposed rule to only restrict vanity plates with references to illegal intoxicants.

In the Seacoast Online report, Adams said he would go to the Department of Motor Vehicles on Monday to apply for the vanity plates.