Next week on the Exchange - November 19, 2012

Nov 16, 2012

Next week on The Exchange, we begin with one New Hampshire Doctor’s call for a ban on high school football and the reaction against him.  Then, now that the election “dust” has settled, we sit down with a roundtable of Granite State Republicans on what happened and what happens next.  Later, investigative journalist Tracie McMillan goes undercover and dispels some myths about where our food comes from. And over the Thanksgiving holiday, we bring your two specials.  On Turkey Day, we play Thanksgiving with Cantus and the day after, some of the best uses of audio for 2012 as we hear excerpts from the 3rd Coast Festival broadcast. E-mail us at NHPR dot org, and join us all next week for the Exchange every morning live at 9/and again at 8 p m here on NHPR!