Next week on the Exchange - Week of July16th

Jul 13, 2012

Next week on the Exchange, we begin with a conversation with Marco Werman, the host of PRI's "The World" who will be speaking in the Granite State and has a new documentary out on Senegalese musician and activist, Youssou N'Dour.  Then we look at the Medicaid expansion debate. Last month's Supreme Court decision on President Obama's health care law, left the door open for states to opt out of expanding Medicaid enrollment. We'll look at the questions this raises and how it affects the Granite State.  We sit with Lorraine Stuart Merrill, Commissioner for the  New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food. We look at a new report on non profit hospital CEO pay in New Hampshire. Some say it's too high, others say it's right in line with other hospitals in New England. And we end the week talking to the editors of a new book on immense political changes  in Egypt. Join us next week for the Exchange, weekdays at 9am and again at 8pm on NHPR.