N.H. Congresswomen Cite Concerns With President's Budget

Apr 11, 2013

Many Republicans are  unhappy with the president’s newly unveiled budget, but so are some of New Hampshire’s Democrats in Congress.

In his budget the president is embracing a new way to tie Social Security payments to the rate of inflation. It’s called the “Chained CPI” but let’s get past the Washington jargon. What it amounts to is less money in those Social Security checks for seniors.

Second District Democrat Ann Kuster says she can support some changes to entitlement programs, but not the one the president is floating.

“Well, I’ve been talking all along about maintaining benefits, so I don’t support cuts.”

Many Republicans are embracing that proposal though, so it could help the White House reach a broader budget deal. The president needs to convince his own party first though.

First District Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter sent out a statement also opposing the proposal to shrink benefits for all seniors.

Then there’s LIHEAP. New England lawmakers of all stripes oppose the president’s call to shrink the Low Income Heating Assistance Program. But most say it’s just a budget gimmick because the White House knows New England lawmakers will unite to oppose the cut.