N.H. Dems Want Scott Brown To Disclose Clients

Dec 11, 2013

Credit www.scottbrown.com

Part-time Rye resident and Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has yet to decide if he’ll run for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Jeanne Shaheen, but the N.H. Democratic party isn’t waiting to go on the attack.

Seizing on the fact that Scott Brown called on Democrat Elizabeth Warren to list her legal clients when she ran against him in Massachusetts, Democrats say Brown needs say whose bidding he’s doing at the Nixon Peabody law firm. State Democratic Spokesman Harrell Kirstein the web ads will run until December 19th, the day Brown is scheduled to speak at the NH GOP’s holiday party.

“Before Scott brown once again slinks across the border, trying to pass himself off as a granite stater, he should come clean, by disclosing the list of clients he’s been advising immediately.”

Brown has been a semi-regular at NH political and charitable events since last spring. He’s also set up a NH based political action committee and donated $10,000 to the state republican party. An email invitation to the GOP’s holiday party that went out under his name noted that NH republicans have an enormous opportunity in 2014.  If Brown gets into the race he’d join former state senator Jim Rubens, activists Karen Testerman and Andy Martin, and, possibly, former U.S. Senator Bob Smith.