N.H. DMV Debuts Online Wait Times for 5 Busiest Locations

May 16, 2018

N.H. Division of Motor Vehicles will begin displaying wait times online for its five busiest offices.

New Hampshire is about to debut a new online system that will display current wait times for the busiest N.H. Division of Motor Vehicles locations.

Starting Thursday, information available at the DMV website will show the number of customers currently waiting at a specific DMV location and the longest wait time currently being experienced by any customer.

Wait time information will be available for offices in:

  • Concord,
  • Nashua,
  • Manchester,
  • Dover,
  • Salem.

Online wait times will be updated by the recently installed queuing system which tracks the wait time from when a customer receives a ticket at the greeter counter to when he or she is called to the counter to complete a transaction.