N.H. House Backs Medical Marijuana 286-64

Mar 20, 2013

Medical marijuana bills have cleared both chambers of the legislature twice in recent years, only to be vetoed by former Governor John Lynch. But proponents say this plan, which would authorize 5 dispensaries and permit patients or caregivers to grow 3 plants, a careful one. Steve Schmidt, a Republican from Wolfeboro, stressed that allowing medical marijuana doesn't mean N.H would be inviting the problems seen in some other states.  

This bill will ultimately, and let me use the word only, assist somewhere in the area of 600 to 800 patients. This bill will not result in the California experience of a head shop on every corner.

Schmidt authored a redraft of the bill that replaced all mentions of medical marijuana with the term therapeutic cannabis.  Governor Maggie Hassan has said she’d sign a tightly controlled medical marijuana bill, but has expressed concerns that the House plan allows patients to grow their own. Senate majority leader Jeb Bradley says he expects the Senate to support medical marijuana, but adds that the House bill is likely to be amended.