N.H. House Kills One Gambling Bill, Tables Another

Mar 21, 2013

The vote to kill the first gambling bill -- which called for one casino on the Massachusetts border and another in the White Mountains -- bill was expected and overwhelming.

"249 having voted in the affirmative and 65 in the negative, the committee report is adopted."

The vote to table the second bill – which calls for up to 6, state-run, slot machine parlors – was both close – 170-160, and a bit of a surprise. It came after Weare Republican Neal Kurk, asked those on both sides of the issue to think strategically about how best to deal with a State Senate that voted 16-8 for the Casino bill backed by Governor Maggie Hassan.

"If I am pro-gambling, and want to make sure there is a way available to us to maximize revenue for the state of N.H. and its services, and Madame speaker, I am opposed to gambling, but know that if it should succeed,  I want to maximize revenue to the state of N.H., would I now make sure the third way is available to us."

A third way could come in handy if the two chambers remain at odds over the Senate’s casino bill. But it is hard to read too much into the move to table, because it was a division vote, meaning beyond the final tally, no record is kept of how each member voted.