N.H. House Upholds Three Hassan Vetoes

Sep 17, 2014

Credit Tashir Hashmi via Flickr CC

The New Hampshire House of Representatives has voted to sustain three of Governor Maggie Hassan’s vetoes from the last legislative session.

The bills would have cracked down on bullying between state employees, given the legislature the power to decide privacy disputes raised during audits of state agencies, and made it illegal to disclose the name of a lottery winner.

A majority of the house, but not the needed two thirds, voted in favor of the auditing and the lottery winner privacy bill.

“When their names are made public lottery winners risk scammers and thieves, unwanted and intrusive attention from charities, financial advisers, and new-found friends and relatives,” argued Weare Republican Neal Kurk.

The New Hampshire Senate had earlier voted to sustain another Hassan veto of a bill having to do with the juvenile justice system.