N.H. Loon Count Increases Slightly From Last Year

Aug 10, 2014

Credit Matthew / Flickr Creative Commons
The annual count of loons on New Hampshire's lakes shows a slight increase over last year, but experts caution the census only provides a glimpse into the true population.   Harry Vogel of the Loon Preservation Committee says 622 observers counted 549 adult loons during a one-hour period on July 19. That's up from the 520 adults observed last year. Vogel notes there were 26 fewer observers last year, so it's too early to say there are more loons.  A more complete picture will emerge in a couple of weeks when full-year monitoring results are released.  Observers saw 91 chicks and 12 immature loons, compared with 69 chicks and six immature birds in 2013.  Loons are an indicator of the health of the state's lakes and ponds.