N.H. Senate Opens Budget Hearings

Apr 8, 2013

House finance committee chair Mary Jane Wallner opened her testimony on the house’s $11b spending plan by holding it aloft, and then setting it gently on the table.

"We brought you a present, all tied up in a big gold bow. So there it is, house bill 1 and 2 as passed by the house."

The senate accepted the House budget politely, but Senators  also signaled they will be taking a different approach.  Casino Gambling, which the Senate and Governor Hassan support, is likely to be at the center of the Senate spending plan.

The House, meanwhile didn’t include gambling revenue in its budget.

Senators' questions at the hearing suggested they are skeptical of  some of the house’s assumptions around Medicaid.

The Senate has until early June to pass a budget.

The House and Senate must reach accord on a final package before July 1st.