N.H. Shop Owners Call on Residents To Join in on 'Plaid Friday'

Nov 26, 2015

The day after Thanksgiving is better known as Black Friday when  shoppers rush to the stores in the early hours for a bargain. But local New Hampshire shop owners urge  people to skip out on the madness and head to downtown stores where you can get discounts  for just wearing plaid.

The tradition is known as Plaid Friday – and it’s not just in New Hampshire – but across the country.  Liza Poinier with Intown Concord says more than a dozen stores in Concord plan to participate.

“Plaid Friday is the downtown version of Black Friday, but the goal is to actually have it be fun and not stressful," Poiner said laughing. "So, get your shopping done but don’t get up at six in the morning, that’s ridiculous.”

And at many stores throughout the state you can even save money for just wearing plaid  like at Gibson’s Bookstore in downtown Concord.

“When people come in wearing plaid you get a 10 percent discount and if they actually say the secret word, which is plaid, they also get a 10 percent discount," owner Michael Herrmann said laughingly.

In Manchester more than 25 stores will offer  deals including free bon-bons at Dancing Lion Chocolate, 10 percent off sandwiches and salads at Café La Reine and $3 pints at Wild Rover Pub.

In Keene you can get 20 percent at Life is Sweet and a free coffee for every coffee bag bought at BrewBakers. And in Portsmouth you can get 20 percent off at the antique shop Old is Adam, but only if your name is Adam.

And on Saturday there will also be deals across the state for Small Business Saturday.