NH Ski Areas Open, But Revenues Down

Dec 27, 2011


A winter that has begun with warm nights and balmy days, has given the ski season a rocky start.

According to SkiNH revenues at New Hampshire ski areas are behind the same point last year.

Most of New Hampshire’s Ski areas were finally able to open this past week, but with a rain storm in the forecast, prospects for a profitable holiday season are dim.

And Karl Stone of SkiNH says that the holidays are crucial.

Stone: This holiday period, Martin Luther King weekend and then the February school vacation periods can be as much as 30% of our business for the ski areas in the state.

Stone notes that in low snow years, the East coast is better off than many ski areas out West, since snow-making infrastructure here is already well established.

He says when the weather cooperates ski areas can get plenty of trails ready in just three or four days.