N.H. Supreme Court Upholds Decision To Reject Officers' Lawsuit

Aug 5, 2015


Credit SalFalko, Mentus Media / Flickr Creative Commons

The New Hampshire Supreme Court has upheld its decision to reject a lawsuit filed by four officers injured in a 2012 shootout with a suspected drug dealer who fatally shot the Greenland Police Chief Michael Maloney.

The officers sued Cullen Mutrie's mother, saying she was liable for their injuries because she knew or should have known her son was dealing drugs from the house she owned. Maloney and the officers were shot at on April 12, 2012, as they tried to execute a search warrant for drugs. The 29-year-old Mutrie then killed his girlfriend and himself.

With its ruling Tuesday, the court upheld its 2014 decision supporting a judge's dismissal of the lawsuit against Beverly Mutrie.

Maloney was shot to death just days before he was to retire.