N.H. Urges FAA Not To Close Nashua Airport's Air Traffic Control Tower

Mar 13, 2013

Boire Field at Nashua Airport
Credit Photo: Sheryl Rich-Kern

The Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Transportation is urging federal officials to reconsider plans to shut down the air traffic control tower at the Nashua airport.

In a letter to the director of the Federal Aviation Administration, Commissioner Chris Clement says closing the tower at Boire Field would have an impact on safety.

He says the traffic controllers are able to safely separate aircrafts on takeoff and landing, which is important at an airport with five flight schools.

The tower in Nashua is among nearly 200 across the country the FAA has targeted for closure as a result of cuts to its budget from sequestration.

Clement says the closure would also have an impact on the local economy. Boire Field has had an air traffic control tower since 1988.