N.H. This Weekend: Comics, Comics, Comics!

May 1, 2015

Credit dmcomics.com

It’s Free Comic Book Day on Saturday.

Hippo Editor Amy Diaz joined Rick Ganley to talk about this year’s event.

Amy, it seems like you’re really excited about this. A lot of people are excited about Free Comic Book Day.

This is one of my favorite days all year, one of my favorite big events.

And it’s become a really huge thing. I was looking at your story in the Hippo this week talking about all the events taking place in downtown Concord.

There are comic book stores all over the state giving away free comic books. I looked on the official website and I think it’s in the neighborhood of 20, but three locations really go all out with Free Comic Book Day.

Here in Concord, Double Midnight Comics will, from 10 to 7, do their Free Comic Book Day. Extravaganza will have some comic book artists, some activities for kids, they’re going to have a costume contest, and then of course giving away the free comics.

There’s a whole selection of titles you can walk away with free.

Exactly, and they’re made especially for this day. About 50 titles this year, and they’re made to be new-reader friendly. Maybe your kids are really into comics and you go with your kids, and then you can pick up some things that look interesting. And it’ll be easy to get in, it’s not like you’re going midway into a soap opera.

Down in Manchester, at the other Double Midnight Comics, this is like a huge thing they’ve made out of the costume contest they have there. It’s kind of a great way to keep people entertained while they’re standing in line to get their free comics. You’re standing there and you’re getting to watch Spiderman walk by or a person dressed as Mr. Freeze from Batman. That’s the costume that won last year’s contest.

You’re part of the community, the comic book community.

Exactly, and down in Manchester, they’re going to have some cars, as well. Sort of pop-culture significant cars: a Batcycle, a DeLorean from Back to the Future, and even a General Lee from Dukes of Hazard. There will also be cos playgroups that dress up. The Brethren of Pirates is going to be there, some people who dress up as Star Wars characters, Ghostbusters I think I saw on the list. A lot of things you go to see as you collect these comic books.

The interesting thing for me is that it’s become so much more than at the comic book store itself. This has kind of spread into other businesses downtown.

Absolutely. For example, here in Concord, Double Midnight Comics has gotten together with some of the other downtown businesses and they’re doing different kinds of specials. One of the bakeries is giving away superhero cookies. There are going to be special superhero and comic book themed cupcakes. Over at True Brew, they’re doing special Avenger-themed drinks. Red River Theatres is also having a superhero party for kids to come dressed up and do some different activities.

In Rochester, Jetpack Comics has made this a town-wide event. You can go to Jetpack, get a couple free comics, but to get more free comics, you go around to 21 other businesses and you pick up comics at each business.