No Flashlight. No Boyfriend. Help!

Sep 5, 2012

There was an odd rescue in the Franconia Notch after a man apparently left his girlfriend behind.

NHPR’s Chris Jensen reports.

It was dark Monday when hikers on the bike path heard a woman in the woods screaming for help, saying she didn’t have a flashlight.

Franconia police sergeant Mark Taylor and Allan Clark, who heads up the Pemi Search and Rescue responded.

Clark headed in on a trail.

But before he reached her the woman saw Taylor’s flashlight and reached him.

The Canadian woman did not have a happy story, according to Clark.

“Our understanding is she and her boyfriend were coming down the trail and they ran out of daylight and her boyfriend, for whatever reason, got ahead of her and was able to get out and left her behind.”

Taylor says the boyfriend – who was nearby in a parking lot - was given a written warning about “abandoning a hiker.”

Clark says a common problem is hikers who don’t take lights in case their trip takes longer than expected.

For NHPR News this is Chris Jensen

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