No Local Beef, But Eggs Are Abundant

May 18, 2010

Yesterday we set the timer on NHPR's food series Eating In and spoke to Berlin Reed, the vegan-turned-ethical butcher about knowing where our meat comes from. I asked him what happens in places like New England, where we have lots of sustainably-raised livestock, but no places to process them. Well, we’re learning a lot from eating in as well, and today we heard Reporter Elaine Grant’s piece on a new, federally inspected slaughterhouse in Westminster, Vermont that opened three weeks ago So, there is now a place for prospective livestock farmers to close the circle locally. You too can listen to Elaine’s report here. On our blog, we asked listeners to send us suggestions on where to find foods for our lunches this week. Many of you added your choice spots, including Lull Farm in Hollis, Tuttle’s Red Barn in Dover, and Spring Ledge Farm in New London. Listener Rick wrote that you don’t have to travel to shop at his favorite market. It’s online at And Listener Lorna wrote to say that she and her husband run a farm stand in Salisbury, and she suggested that

“If people want organic they need to accept things like bugs or bug holes in the vegetables and fruit...just think how many times someone picks over the produce until they get that 'perfect looking' item. That's one reason why organic costs so much… also people want organic, yet they sometimes drive as close to our stand as possible (can't walk another inch) and leave their car running."

Good points, Lorna, and good luck with the start of your market’s season! And here at the Word of Mouth cube, we’re continuing our own challenge to eat locally. Today, our Producer Robin Respaut brought in some snacks for us to munch on. These are fresh, free range eggs from Hayward Natural Farms in Gilmanton. She made herb garden devilled eggs, which are a traditional devilled egg recipe with the addition of fresh, chopped basil, parsley and a little mint thrown in the mix. It wasn't all fun and games though. Michelle Hayward warned us that fresh eggs are notoriously hard to peel after being hard boiled, and that’s a good determinate of how long ago they were laid.