Nominations Sought for Fish and Game Awards

Nov 29, 2011

New Hampshire Fish and Game is accepting nominations for its annual awards honoring organizations or individuals for achievements in “wildlife, fisheries, open land and wild places.”

Here are the seven categories:

     1. Ellis R. Hatch Jr. Commission Award of Excellence -- Recognizes an

individual, group, organization, club, foundation or agency that has excelled in

efforts to promote, enhance or benefit fish, wildlife or marine resources or the

Department’s mission. 


     2. Youth Conservationist Awards an individual, 18 years of age or

younger, who has excelled in efforts to benefit fish, wildlife or marine

resources or the Department’s mission.


     3. Communication -- Honors an outdoor communicator, writer, or media source

(radio, television, magazine, newsletter or periodical) that has written or

published articles or materials beneficial to public understanding about fish,

wildlife or marine resources as they relate to the Department’s mission. Judged

on fairness, accuracy, timeliness, balance and quality of reporting. 


     4. Conservation Organization -- Recognizes any organization, group,

foundation or agency that has excelled in efforts to enhance the welfare of

fish, wildlife and marine resources, and supporting achievement of the

Department's mission. Recipients will be judged on their efforts to promote the

wise use of natural resources for their recreational or economic value. 


     5. Volunteer -- Honors an individual who, as a volunteer with the

Department, has excelled in efforts to support and achieve Fish and Game’s



     6. Habitat Stewardship -- Recognizes an organization, non-governmental

entity, individual or corporation that has excelled in the enhancement,

conservation or creation of land management practices beneficial to New

Hampshire's fish, wildlife and marine resources and the Department’s mission. 


     7. Landowner Appreciation -- Salutes a person who has excelled in

preserving or enhancing opportunities for public use on private property,

furthering Fish and Game’s mission. 


 Nomination forms are available at: by calling  


The nomination package must be postmarked no later than December 31, 2011 and sent to: Commission Awards Program, N.H. Fish and Game Department, 11 Hazen Drive,

Concord, NH 03301. No electronic submissions are accepted. Posthumous

nominations are allowed.