O'Brien Signals Conditional Support for Lynch Ed. Plan

House Speaker Bill O’Brien says he could get behind the education funding constitutional amendment proposed by the governor. The Speaker’s support comes with one caveat.

House Speaker Bill O’Brien says he’s not thrilled with the language included in Governor Lynch’s education funding constitutional amendment.

He believes it gives the courts too much oversight.

But O’Brien says he’s open-minded, provided this is truly a bi-partisan proposal.

“If it is clear that the Governor has been able to put together a majority of his party in the House to support this, it is something I could get behind as an improvement over the existing situation.”

House Minority leader Terri Norelli says scheduling a public hearing two days before Thanksgiving suggests O’Brien isn’t serious about having a thoughtful debate.

She says there is no reason a debate and a vote can’t wait until January when lawmakers return to Concord.

Governor Lynch will not attend the hearing scheduled for next Tuesday.