Occupy New Hampshire Hits Peterborough

Nov 17, 2011

People from across southwestern New Hampshire gathered at a park in Peterborough Thursday to rally for the job creation and improvement to the state’s roads and bridges.

As part of a national protest, more than 100 New Hampshire residents turned out in Peterborough to declare an “economic emergency” for the ninety nine percent.

They focused on the country’s decaying transportation infrastructure and high unemployment rate, Peterborough resident Joe Graley urged Congress to pass President Obama’s jobs plan

“People are out of work, bridges are collapsing. People are out of work in construction,  bridges are collapsing. If people work, we get more taxes, and it can help balance the deficit. And it seems you know, a no-brainer. Unfortunately we have even less brains than that in Washington it seems.”

The rally, featured speeches by an unemployed civil engineer, an underemployed educator, and former lawmakers  

The group then headed from Putnam Park to two of Peterborough’s three red-listed bridges to live up to the  event’s name: Get on the Bridge.